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Our Acquisition Process

Valuation - Negotiation & Deal Structure - Acquisition

Our Proprietary Acquisition Model

Acquisition Criteria

  • Market indicators and trends
  • Core Asset Attributes
  • Geographic Focus
  • Demand Generators

Asset Discovery

  • Leverage Broker relationships
  • Bank & Lender Relationships
  • Off-Market access relationships


  • Site Visit and 3rd Party Discovery Reports
  • Market Research
  • Generate conservative estimates for repositioning costs
  • 5-year operating income and valuation projections

Negotiation & Pricing Strategies

  • Exploit Leadership Expertise
  • Comparible sales research
  • Leverage distressed situations
  • Leverage certainty of rapid close

Closing Process

  • Deep Discovery & Inspection
  • Disciplined Legal Review and standardized documentation
  • Concurrent “Value-Add” Detailed Planning
  • Closing Documentation
  • Operational On-boarding

Enhancement & Repositioning

  • Renovation Design and Remodel
  • Hospitality IT Systems deployed
  • Talent Management, Recruit & Train
  • Deploy Endeavor Proprietary Business Systems and Processes

Sales & Marketing

  • Implement Revenue Management
  • Implement CRM in support of Channel Optimization and Group RFP’s
  • Develop local and regional Sales plans to drive LNR’s
  • Evaluate digital marketing

Management & Disposition

  • Opportunistic Disposition triggers established
  • Clear exit options developed and updated periodically
  • Continuous benchmarking against portfolio assets and general market to capture maximum value

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