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Our Geographic Focus

We have determined to operate only in areas where we hold a strategic advantage

Our experience in the states and markets we have targeted provides us with a competitive advantage in uncovering value for investors while deploying vetting and underwriting policies designed to reduce executive and market risk.

Central United States & Mountain States

The Central United States and Mountain States provide a compelling opportunity for the purchase, management and disposition of under valued and distressed hospitality real estate assets. The companies management team of experience hoteliers and hospitality logistic experts provides it the capability to accurately evaluate acquisition opportunities with the intent to rehabilitate the asset, engage in repositioning and drive asset yield. We have previously managed a 46 hotel, 22 restaurants across 23 states including all the States contained in our target area.

Less Impact From Pandemic Induced Economic Disruption

Continued Net In-Migration Trend Strengthening Select Sub-Markets

Extensive Experience In These Regions

(previously managed 46 hotels and 22 restaurants across 23 states including all states in target area)

Mountain States

Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Northern Utah, Colorado

Above Average Growth Driven By Population Migration & Demographic Chance

Increasing Room Demand In Montana & Wyoming (driving 9-10% first year returns)

Major Demand Growth In Idaho (delivering 12% first year returns)

Off-Market Portfolios & Bank Owned Assets In Attractive Sub-Markets

Midwest & Plains States

North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri

Major Msa Suburban & Regional Hub Locations With Interstate Exposure Have Demonstrated Resilience To Pandemic Impacts

Nebraska And Iowa Offer Cap Rates Over 11% On First Year Returns

Kansas City Msa Has Significant Transport Related Opportunities

Oil & Gas Energy Resurgence And Diversification Into Renewables Is Driving Regional Gains

The experience of the management team and our first-hand knowledge of our target markets lends itself to evaluating these opportunities and executing on an investment plan that involves conservative leverage and assets purchased in key markets with strong core fundamentals.

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